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AU12 Airship


AirshipsThe Au 12 is low-volume two-seat airship. Au 12m with a volume of 1250 cu. m may be applied for visual and instrumental monitoring of gas and oil pipelines, surveillance of roads and urban territories on behalf of emergency services, police, environmental protection services etc, advertising, high quality aerial photography, video and TV filming for advertising, television and cartography, rescue operations.


Specifications au-12-aero-eng.pdf [533.63 Kb]




AU 30 Airship


AirshipsThe Au 30 is a multi-role airship designed for executing continuous long flights including flights at a low altitude and low speed. The main area of application is patrolling and survey.


Specifications au-30-aero-eng.pdf [610.51 Kb]

Aerostats Captives


The main applications of captive balloons are shooting, communications and aerial surveillance.

The largest, equipped with radar, allow continuous monitoring of borders to medium altitude.


         Aerostat Au 17                           Aerostat Guepard                                 Aerostat Au 21 Puma         

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