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Helicopter AK1-3


End of the commercialization of the AK1-3


Helicopter AK1-3АК 1-3 helicopter was designed

around a three blade rotor system

to provide the maximum amount

of performance, while maintaining

reliability and value.





Helicopter AK1-3The cabin provide free accommodation for two crew members comfortably. The width of the cabin at shoulder level is 1200 mm (vs. Robinson R.22 - 1055 mm). The large windows provide excellent visibility in all directions. Perforated leather seating is standard equipment. No t-bar here! Dual cyclic controls provide the ultimate feel and control. The AK 1-3 is equipped with a heating and ventilation system that allows flight in all conditions.




Helicopter AK1-3The AK 1-3


is equipped for VFR flight and registered in home kit built category since December 2006.




Helicopter AK1-3 Helicopter AK1-3The Main Rotor consists of three blades that are made of composite materials. They can be easily attached and removed for transport with trailer or storage.




Helicopter AK1-3
The Tail Rotor is also made of composite materials.




Helicopter AK1-3

The AK 1-3 power-plant is a 165 hp, fuel injected, Subaru EJ-25 derated at 156 hp. It is liquid cooled and was chosen for its reliability and excellent power to weight ratio. It uses premium (95) fuel.

Power from the engine is transmitted through a belt drive with overrunning clutch to the shaft of the main reducer. Minimal engine coverings make it easy to do a pre-flight check, and fluid levels are clearly visible through site glass.



Metric Units


U.S Units

    Masse maximale

    Masse à vide

    Carburant SP 95

    Coffres à bagages

    Pilote et passager

650 Kg

398 Kg

72 L

2 X 25 Kg

220 Kg






        Gross Weight

        Empty Weight

        Fuel (19,1 gal)

        Cargo Pods (Optional)

        Pilote and passenger

1430 lb    

875 lb    

114 lb    

2 X 55 lb    

485 lb    






    Subaru EJ-25, 4 cyl. , refroidis par eau

    Détaré à 156 Hp à 5200 Tr/mn


        Subaru EJ-25 Four cyl.  Water-cooled

        Derated to 115 Kw (156 Hp) at 5200 rpm.







    Croisière à 75%

    Rayon d’action (sans rés.)

    Endurance @ 120 Km/h

    Consommation moyenne

    Taux de montée max

    Plafond maxi

    Stationnaire en effet de sol

    Stationnaire hors effet de sol

186 Km/h

160 Km/h

370 Km

2.6 h

28 à 32 L

9 m/s

5150 m

2320 m

1800 m


        Max. Airspeed VNE

        Cruise Speed @ 75%

        Max. Range (No res.)

        Endurance @ 65 Kts

        Average fuel Consumption

        Max. Rate of Climb

        Service Ceiling

        Hover Ceiling IGE

        Hover Ceiling OGE


100mph (85 Kts)    

Over 230 miles    

2.6 h    

7 to 8 gph    

1770 ft/mn    

16 900 ft    

7600 ft    

5 900 ft    




 - Painting of main parts (Standard White)

 - Metal colours

Helicopter AK1-3 - Toned windows

 - Doors opening aerators

 - Navigation lights

 - Panel lights

 - Landing light.

 - Cargo Pods (Useful load: 30 Kg)

 - RPM « Governor »

 - Transponder

 - Gyro horizon




Helicopter AK1-3 

 - Mounting assistance

 - Flight test and training

 - Administrative facilities

 - Registration and airworthiness

 - Maintenance and handling




Helicopter AK1-3Helicopter AK1-3Since our test flight in June 2002 on Sanka ZA6 prototype Helicopter AK1-3 fleet has reached more than 4000h total time of flight. Some of them have passed through the 1000h inspection in 2010.


End of the commercialization of the AK1-3 in 2012.